Police Chief Warns Residents About Speeding and Other Traffic Violations


During the two weeks from September 24 to October 8, the Alameda Police Department issued 420 traffic violations — 232 were for speeding.  Some of the most egregious offenses were for speeding at 50mph and 51mph in a 25mph zone as well as 54mph in a 30mph zone.


“The results of the two week increased enforcement confirmed what we already suspected, which is that many people are simply driving too fast," said Police Chief Paul Rolleri.


Violations9/24 – 10/08/2013
Using a cell phone49
Stop Lamp Requirements32
Disobey Posted Sign30
Stop Sign23


“People do need to slow down for the overall traffic safety of our town,” said Mayor Marie Gilmore. “It’s simply not worth it.”


There are many main thoroughfares commonly used to enter and exit Alameda.  This is also where most violations occur because people are in a rush to get to their destination. The three top locations where speeding citations were issued were: Otis Drive (56), Fernside Boulevard (52), and Constitution Way (28).


Bottom line, Alameda cares about traffic safety and the people within our community.  This is not about the revenue; on average, the City only gets 12% to 16% of the total fine.  For example, the bail for a speed violation for 1-15mph over the speed limit is $238.00.  The City receives $28.70 while the rest will go to the County and State.


Chief Rolleri also reminds us that, “Traffic safety is a shared responsibility. This includes drinking responsibly and using designated drivers or alternative ride options. Please do your part to make Alameda a safer city; especially during the upcoming holidays.”