Teen Volunteer Program


**Please Note:  Although the application deadline has already passed, we are only accepting Teen Volunteers for OPERATION GREEN SWEEP (no group interview required).


teen volunteers



For Incoming 7th to 12th Grades (Fall 2016)


Teens, if you’re looking for an opportunity to give back to your community, gain valuable leadership experience, prepare for a future job AND have lots of fun…then look no further!


The Summer Teen Volunteer Programs with Alameda Recreation and Park Department offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. Teen volunteer applicants may choose the program where they would like to volunteer depending on their interest and availability.  Volunteer hours may be used to fulfill school community service requirements.


The following programs are available for 2016 Summer Volunteers:  OPERATION GREEN SWEEP (still available), WORLD OF WONDER (WOW)-FULL, AQUATICS AT ENCINAL SWIM CENTER-FULL AND SUMMER PARK BASEBALL-FULL.  Be sure to indicate which program(s) you are interested in volunteering for on your application form.


Parents/Guardians: It is highly recommended that your tween/teen is responsible for all correspondence regarding the Summer Teen Volunteer Programs; starting with the application process and continuing throughout their volunteer service.  This program strives to prepare your child for his/her first job. We feel that the more responsibility that volunteers have in the successful execution of completing their service, the better prepared he or she will be to apply for jobs and enter the work force. When at all possible, please ask your teen/tween to call, email, organize, and initiate!  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Questions? Please direct your teen/tween to speak with Shawn Smith, Recreation Services Specialist: email: sdsmith@alamedaca.gov or call him at 510-747-7555.


Interested in volunteering?  Here's what your teen/tween needs to do:


Step 1 - Teens/Tweens must complete an application form (see below) - Deadline:  Monday, May 2, 2016 - please note:  Limit 24 students per training session (not including Operation Green Sweep).  Applications must be submitted to ARPD with payment.


Step 2 - Teens/Tweens must participate in a Group Interview (with the exception of Operation Green Sweep applicants).  See flyer for GROUP INTERVIEW DATES.  Interviews do not guarantee acceptance into the Summer Teen Volunteer Programs.  Group Interview is for candidates only, no parents please.


Step 3 - Upon selection, all volunteers must attend a Mandatory Training (make-up training date not available).  See flyer for Mandatory Training Date.