Integrated Waste Program

The City of Alameda has long been a leader in recycling and composting, where residents and businesses are careful to sort their discards into the correct containers. 


The City has updated it's Zero Waste Implemention Plan (ZWIP) of 2010, now calling it the ZWIP Update, which calculated the latest 2017 landfill diversion numbers, and making recommendations of strategies that Alamedans can take advantage of to get closer to Zero. Read up on that here.


On October 3rd, 2017, the Alameda City Council took a giant step toward reducing plastic litter (especially plastic straws) in our environment by passing the Alameda Disposable Food Service Ware Reduction Law.  Read more about what that means here.



Businesses and multifamily properties of 5 units or more are required to have adequate recycling and composting service. Full enforcement of this phased ordinance began January 1, 2015, as the City of Alameda is a fully opted-in jurisdiction of the Alameda County Waste Management Authority's Mandatory Recycling Ordinance (MRO).


Questions about the MRO? Learn more about the details by going to


Waste Collection Service in Alameda:

Our partner in our successful diversion efforts has been the City's franchised waste hauler, Alameda County Industries (ACI). You can contact them by phone by dialing (510) 483-1400


Alameda Recycling

Click the links below to get some specifics on what goes where:


 - What goes in the Recycling?

 - What goes in the Organics?

 - What goes in the Garbage?




Other programs:

Questions about a Construction and/or Demolition (C&D) project?  Please see Alameda's specific requirements here.


Battery recycling and Fluorescent Lamp recycling sites can be found here.


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Do you have additional questions about Alameda's recycling programs?  Please call the Public Works Department at 510-747-7900.