City of Alameda Paratransit Services



The City of Alameda Paratransit Program offers a variety of services beyond AC Transit, BART, and East Bay Paratransit (EBP), for those who are eligible, and is sponsored by the City's Public Works Department and the Mastick Senior Center.


Rider Guide is available to download, or in hard copy from the Mastick Senior Center, that describes all of the transit options available in Alameda for seniors and people with disabilities. It provides further details about the four below programs offered by the City of Alameda. And, it has brief overviews of programs offered by other agencies and organizations that are available to people living in Alameda.


Alameda Paratransit Shuttle

The Alameda Paratransit Shuttle, funded by Measure B/BB transportation sales tax dollars, provides a free way to get around town.  The shuttle service is open to the public yet the primary purpose of the shuttle is to serve individuals with disabilities and seniors with access to major shopping destinations and medical facilities around the City.  Where space exists, other passengers may ride the shuttle. In a situation where a paratransit customer or senior needs a seat, other passengers will be asked to exit.  Note that all passengers must be seated and no passengers are permitted to travel in the aisle.  The shuttle operates from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Contact: For more information, call the Mastick Senior Center at (510) 747-7513 or email


Schedules (Effective May 1, 2014):

West Loop (Tuesdays): Click to download Shuttle Schedule (PDF, 152Kb)

    East Loop (Wednesdays): Click to download Shuttle Schedule (PDF, 151Kb)

      Central Loop (Thursdays): Click to download Shuttle Schedule (PDF, 151Kb)


      Medical Return Trip Improvement Program (MRTIP)

      MRTIP provides subsidized taxi trips for individuals returning home from medical appointments, thereby eliminating the uncertainty of coordinating return trips with East Bay Paratransit.  Since it is often difficult to predict when a medical appointment might end, MRTIP offers the option of calling the City of Alameda’s transportation provider – St. Mini Cab (formerly Veterans) – for a trip home at the time you need it.  Participants are eligible to receive ten MRTIP vouchers per month.  Vouchers must be purchased in advance for $2.50 each, and expire after one year.  The voucher covers the cost of transportation within Alameda County.

      Eligibility Requirements: Must be East Bay Paratransit-certified.
      Cost: MRTIP Travel Vouchers are $2.50 each, and expire after one year.
      Contact: For more information, call the Mastick Senior Center at (510) 747-7513 or email


        Premium Taxi Service

        Taxi services (not limited to medical trips) at 50 percent discount for eligible residents.  Premium Taxi Service provides a 50 percent discount for taxi rides with a City of Alameda transportation provider. The service is not limited to medical trips. Eligible riders must purchase the required discount coupons in advance. Nevertheless, to make the program fair to all users, you may purchase a maximum number of 20 coupons per quarter (every 3 months).

        Eligibility requirements (Recently Expanded!): Must be 70 years of age or older, or East Bay Paratransit-certified.
        Cost: Each Premium Taxi Travel Voucher has a $5 value and costs $2.50. If the cost of a trip cannot be covered exactly with one or more $5 Premium Travel Vouchers, you may either give the driver an additional travel voucher or cash to pay the additional cost. Nevertheless, if you use a travel voucher, drivers cannot provide you with change. You must present the travel vouchers with a completed Travel Information Form to the taxi driver upon arrival at your requested destination.
        Contact: For more information, call the Mastick Senior Center at (510) 747-7513 or email  To register, fill out the registration form and return it to Mastick Senior Center (1155 Santa Clara Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501).


          Group Trips

          City of Alameda Paratransit supports transportation for recreation programs run through Mastick Senior Center and Alameda Recreation and Park Department.  The City of Alameda uses its Measure B/BB Paratransit funds to support the following additional transportation programs for seniors and people with disabilities:

          Mastick Monthly Trips and Cultural Events Class
          The City of Alameda provides financial assistance with transportation expenses for the Mastick Senior Center monthly trip program and Cultural Events class. Travel destinations may include various Bay Area locations (i.e. San Francisco, Livermore, etc.). Sign up is on a first come, first served basis.

          Eligibility requirements: Must be 50 years of age or older.

          Cost: Trip fees range from $45 to $75, depending on trip amenities or class registration fees.
          Contact: Please contact Mastick Senior Center at (510) 747-7513 for more information.


          Leisure Club
          The City of Alameda provides a van to pick up and return members of the Alameda Recreation & Park Department Leisure Club, a social recreation program offered twice a month for young adults, 18 years or older, with special needs.

          Eligibility requirements: Must be 18 years or older, with special needs.
          Cost: Free.
          Contact: Please contact the Alameda Recreation & Park Department at (510) 749-7529 for more information.

          Crown Memorial Beach
          The City of Alameda subsidizes a portion of the transportation expense to Crown Memorial Beach for the Annual Nursing Home Picnic.

          Eligibility requirements: Must be a resident of a nursing home.
          Cost: Free.
          Contact: Please contact your nursing home for more information.

            Scholarship Program

            The City of Alameda, through Measure B/BB monies, offers limited matching funds through the Transportation Scholarship Fund to assist individuals with Premium Taxi Service expenses.  To be eligible, you must be an Alameda resident, be certified for the Premium Taxi Service and meet the very-low income requirements. A limit of $50 in matching funds per family is available each fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) as long as funding is available. Proof of income is required (e.g., SSA/SSI award letter, paychecks stubs, etc.). Income verification cannot be older than 60 days. 

            Contact: Please contact Mastick Senior Center at (510) 747-7513 for more information or download the registration form.



            The City of Alameda Paratransit Program is funded by Measure B and Measure BB, which are half-cent sales taxes for transportation approved by Alameda County voters in November 2000 and November 2014.