Housing Authority

Police Officers assigned to the Alameda Housing Authority (AHA) provide a full range of police services to the citizens residing in AHA-owned properties. The Officers attend weekly meetings with the AHA executive director, the housing program manager, the program services coordinator, and the housing manager. Topics for these meetings include the Alameda Housing Authority Police Officer's activities and problem areas on and around AHA properties.

The Alameda Police Department, in partnership with the Alameda Housing Authority and its residents, work to identify and resolve problems on Alameda Housing Authority properties. Community policing and other available resources are used to improve the quality of life for all AHA residents.


Currently your AHA police officers are:

Officer Dustin Lorensen- (510) 337-8332  email: dlorensen@alamedaca.gov

Officer Joshua Ramirez- (510) 337-8341   email: jramirez@alamedaca.gov