Community Resources

The Alameda Police Department is often the first point of contact for a variety of concerns and in that role, we strive to help people connect to the appropriate community resources.  Below are some common concerns we encounter and resources to consider.  There are many resources available in the city and county of Alameda; hopefully those included on this site will offer you a good starting point. 


MARSY'S VICTIM RESOURCE CARD (available to view or print in 20 different languages)


**Click the hyperlink below to see resources available:

1214_community_resources_apd.pdf: List of Community Services available in Alameda County.

Mental Health Resource Card: List of Mental Health Services in Alameda County for caregivers, family or persons in need of mental health help.

Social Services Resource Card: List of the most common Social Service Resources in Alameda County.


In June 2014, a program was launched through HopeLine called “Because Voices Have Power,” a national campaign designed to increase awareness of domestic violence and provide a platform for the public to send messages of hope to victims and survivors. 


They have already collected over 12 million of phones nationwide, while donating over $7 million dollars to domestic violence organizations. Please add to the conversation and encourage others to submit a message of hope online at:




Community Resources