Housing Element 2015–2023

The City of Alameda's 2015-2023 Certified Housing Element Documents are:

The Housing Element provides policy direction for making decisions pertaining to housing services and regulations, and sets forth policies, programs, and schedules promoting the preservation, improvement, and development of diverse housing types for a diverse range of household types and incomes.



This Housing Element is organized into three main sections: the Introduction, the Housing Element Policy and Implementation Plan, and the Housing Element Background Report.


Introduction includes information on the purpose of the Housing Element, the organization of the document, General Plan consistency, overview of the Regional Housing Needs Allocation, and public participation efforts.


Housing Element Policy and Implementation Plan sets forth the City’s goals, policies, and implementation measures that address the housing needs in Alameda.


Housing Element Background Report contains an evaluation of the prior Housing Element and its accomplishments, an analysis of housing needs, identification of constraints to the development of housing, and resources, such as an inventory of vacant and underutilized sites, that are available for housing.


Major Initiatives

This Housing Element identifies several major initiatives for 2015–2023:

  • Retooling and Improving Successful Programs. The biggest challenge for the 2015– 2023 period will be to find strategies and resources to retool and improve Alameda’s most successful housing programs in an era of limited public resources for affordable housing development. Finding financial resources to replace the Redevelopment Affordable Housing “set-aside” funds eliminated by the State of California during the last period will be critical to success.
  • Transit-Oriented Housing and Sustainable Development. The focus of the next eight years will be to provide a variety of housing types for a diversity of household needs in transit- and pedestrian-oriented and mixed-used use locations, consistent with the 2008 City of Alameda Local Action Plan for Climate Protection, the 2008 Transportation Element Update, and the regional Sustainable Communities Strategy, Plan Bay Area.
  • Northern Waterfront Priority Development Area. These former industrial sites along the Oakland/Alameda Estuary provide important opportunities to reconnect Alameda neighborhoods to the waterfront and provide housing for a wide variety of household types.
  • Naval Air Station (NAS) Alameda Priority Development Area. The NAS Alameda Priority Development Area (commonly known as “Alameda Point” and “Alameda Landing”) represents the next phase of the redevelopment and reuse of the former Naval Air Station.