Nixle Information-Update

Nixle 360


A Comprehensive, All-In-One Messaging Platform

Nixle 360 uses the newest technology and performance capability to allow agencies the ability to simultaneously send thousands of voice messages to landlines and cell phones in specified geographic areas in a very short amount of time. The level of severity differs depending on what event is happening in the community. It’s important for all agencies to communicate with as many people as possible, and Nixle 360 provides agencies with this opportunity.

Nixle 360 allows residents and subscribers to receive real time informational bulletins from the Police Department, the Fire Department, Public Works, and Alameda Municipal Power.  With this ability, notifications regarding public hazards, public safety, police actions, traffic collisions, missing persons, roadway closures/construction, and anything deemed important enough to warn the public may be sent out.

To receive the City’s alerts on mobile devices and social media, people need to sign-up by simply texting their zip code (94501 or 94502) to "888-777". People can also sign up via the internet at:  where there are options for where you want alerts sent – home phone only, cell phone, or both.


Due to a recent incident, APD has updated its procedure regarding “Alerts”, which depending on the severity of the public need for awareness, landline calls may not be utilized.  We hope this change will better serve our community; however, if you decide you do not want to be called at “unreasonable” hours for any reason, you can opt out.  Below is the procedure to remove yourself from the landline database.  We understand sometimes the relevance of the topic of the call may be deemed an intrusion; however, APD will err on the side of caution and would like to continue to have the opportunity to voice call you in the event there is some public danger or someone’s safety is in jeopardy.


Do Not Call Procedure

If you DO NOT WANT TO BE CONTACTED on your residential and/or business landline phone numbers, email with your name, phone number, and whether they want to be removed from both Police and Fire notifications.  Nixle will then remove the requested number from the Nixle Dial group.    

Alternatively, if you prefer APD to contact Nixle directly, Com-Cen personnel will collect your name and phone number, this information will be forwarded to the Communications Supervisor who will relay the request to or