Marine Patrol continues to keep estuary clean.


APD's Marine Patrol continues to take action against persons who litter and pollute the Oakland/Alameda Estuary. 


In July, with the help of Cal Recycle and the State Land Commision's authority, APD marked numerous derelict vessels and identified property which could pose a hazard on the waterways.


In August, with the assistance of the US Army Corps of Engineers' multipurpose command vessel, John Dillard Jr, APD's Marine Patrol was able to extract three boats from the water.  In addition to that, the Alaska Basin has been cleaned out and the derelict vessels moored there illegally have been removed.  Criminal complaints have also been filed with the Alameda County District Attorney's Consumer and Environmental Protection Division.


With the help of all of its maritime partners, APD's Marine patrol will continue to enforce and contact those who continue to negatively affect our waterways and marinas.