Police Promoting Pedestrian Awareness

In response to the recent increase in vehicle-pedestrian collisions, the Alameda Police Department’s Traffic Section has begun a pedestrian awareness campaign to educate and increase driver and pedestrian awareness. Efforts include enforcement, monthly pedestrian decoy operations, educational presentations in the public schools, and awareness tips shared via social media.

As of January 31, 2014, eight collisions involving pedestrians have been investigated. In 2013 there were 41 collisions involving pedestrians and vehicles. The drivers were found to be at fault 36 out of the 41 collisions for various reasons such as: (26) failing to yield to a pedestrian in the crosswalk; (5) failing to yield to pedestrian in the roadway or while turning; (3) inattention; and (2) speeding.

“Drivers need to concentrate on their driving when on the road,” said Police Chief Paul Rolleri. “Too often, people are in a rush or are distracted when they drive.”

The enforcement operations started the week of February 10. In February, 62 citations were issued compared to 26 citations issued in January. As a reminder, failing to yield to pedestrians is a moving violation. In addition to potential injury or death, these violations can incur monetary fines and affect insurance costs and driving privileges.

“Traffic safety is a shared responsibility,” said Chief Rolleri. “Although pedestrians have the ‘right of way’ in California, they too need to be vigilant and attentive when crossing. Pedestrians can improve their safety by attempting to make eye contact with approaching drivers and not looking at their phones while crossing streets.”