Crime Advisory- East End Thefts

Our east-end neighborhoods are experiencing a rash of residential and vehicle burglaries. The suspects have been forcing entry into residences, as well as entering homes and cars through unlocked doors. The burglaries have occurred during the early evening and night time hours. We need you to do your part to help protect your property. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

• DOORS are the primary method of entry for burglars, install a dead bolt and use it.
• WINDOWS are the second most common method used; make sure they are properly secured.
• EXTERIOR LIGHTING should be utilized. Sensor-activated lighting can alert you of someone on your property.
• LANDSCAPE should be trimmed and cut away from windows. This will reduce concealment opportunities.
• ALARM/CAMERA consider an alarm or camera system that is monitored.
• Remove all valuables from inside the vehicle, or lock them in the trunk.

Report suspicious non-emergency activity to 510/337-8311. In the event of an emergency call 911