Fire Department Gives War Veteran Accessibility Grant

Alamedan Arthur Gutmann read an article in the Alameda Sun about the Fire Department’s Safety Accessibility Program and called right away.  Mr. Gutmann is an 80 year old Korean War Veteran who also served 17 years in the Army Counter-Intelligence Corps.  About 10 years ago he suffered a stroke which created mobility difficulties.  Originally from New York City, he and his wife Candy recently relocated from Nevada to Alameda to be closer to the Veterans hospital in San Francisco.


Ruth Ann Crawford, staff to the Fire Department’s Safety Accessibility Program, responded to Mr. Gutmann’s call.  She visited his home and conducted a safety inspection which included interviewing Mr. Gutmann to determine his mobility needs, identifying any fire and safety hazards, and verifying that smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms were appropriately installed.  It was determined that Mr. Gutmann needed grab bars in his shower to help with stability and prevent falls.  He said “balance is critical for aging folks, especially aging Vets who require medication that can make someone unstable.”  Mr. Gutmann was very appreciative of the quality workmanship of the contractors.  He also said the program provides a wonderful service to Alameda seniors and the disabled community.


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For more information about the Fire Department Safety Accessibility Program call Ruth Ann Crawford at (510) 337-2133 or email her at