Library Strategic Plan 2009-2014

The Strategic Plan, 2009-2014, is a flexible document that can be expanded or contracted with varying levels of available resources.
A 10-member, citizen-based Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) was appointed by the Library Board. The members represented a broad cross section of the Alameda community: men and women, diverse ethnically and geographically, by age and profession, as parents or singles, as library users and admitted non-library users.

Basic assumptions contained in the Strategic Plan are that: excellence must be defined locally to result in library services that match community needs, interests and priorities; excellence is possible for both small and large libraries, resting more on commitment than on unlimited resources; and excellence is a moving target.

The Neighborhood Library Improvement report provides an assessment of current library services and facilities, and recommendations for long- and short-term improvements to our two neighborhood libraries. The Community Telephone Survey provided additional data for the Strategic Planning Committee and the Consultants' review.

The supporting files for the Strategic Plan are below: