Umbra - Manjot Bal

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Photographer, Manjot Bal is exhibiting her work at the Alameda Free Library from Sunday June 29 through Saturday July 26, 2014 on the 2nd floor of the Main Library, at 1550 Oak Street. 
Manjot Bal’s art essentially focuses on creating a parallel world, but at the level of the human psyche. She believes that once the outer veil of the human skin is disregarded, one finds astounding similarities on how a human mind perceives the world despite any differences in race, color, or geographical factors. What fundamentally impacts the mind is how it has been nurtured. With juxtaposition of elements of dreams, thoughts and what the human mind endures, Manjot creates surrealist images that stimulate both the eye and the mind.  These works are often accompanied by words of her own. 
Main Library
1550 Oak St.
Alameda, CA 94501

Second floor of the Alameda Free Library.