Alameda's Green Initiatives

In February of 2008, Alameda City Council adopted a Resolution which set a citywide greenhouse gas reduction goal: 25% below 2005 baseline levels. The City Council also adopted the Local Action Plan for Climate Protection, which offers a framework for achieving this goal.



The City partnered with Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda (CASA) and presented the Zero Waste Implementation Plan, which was adopted by City Council in October of 2010.




The City of Alameda is a fully opted-in jurisdiction of the County's Mandatory Recycling Ordinance. Businesses and multifamily properties of 5 units or more must have adequate recycling and composting service. 


Questions about Mandatory Recycling and Composting?  Learn about Alameda County Waste Management Authority's recent ordinances by going to


If you would like help making sure your property or business is in compliance with the County ordinance, please contact Alameda County Insdustries (ACI) by calling 510-483-1400, or email for a free assessment of your collection needs.