State Mandated Inspections

The Fire Department conducts fire inspections in all community, child, and elderly care facilities including home care facilities that are applying for a new license or those that may already be licensed by the Department of Social Services who has state

Alternate text licensing authority for these type of care facilities. The Department of Social Services requires approval from the Fire Department before licensing a facility and may suspend a current license if the Fire Department identifies uncorrected hazards. Care facilities are inspected to the International Fire Code, all applicable state amendments and to the Health and Safety Code, sec. 13235.  


When an applicant applies for a new care license with the Department of Social Services, or there has been an environmental change, or critical assessment needed at an existing care facility the Department of Social Services will submit a fire Alternate text inspection request to the Fire Department. Within 30 days of receipt a fire inspector with the Fire Department will contact the applicant/operator and schedule an inspection.


If needed, the Fire Department will schedule a re-inspection at a time agreeable to both the applicant and the fire inspector. During the re-inspection the fire inspector will confirm that all previously noted deficiencies have been corrected. The Fire Department will notify the the Department of Social Services when the facility is approved for fire safety.  These inspections are performed once every year.