Personal Preparedness

Are You Ready??

It's everyones responsibility to be prepared.  The City of Alameda highest priority is to the safety of its citizen, but when disaster strikes being personally prepared will lessen the impact for our community.  So let's get started!  Check out the links below to help you build a kit, make a family plan, and put together the kind of supplies that will help you and your family survive if disaster strikes.

Neighborhood Preparedness

Help your neighborhood prepare with the "Map Your Neighborhood" program. This self guided program helps neighborhoods get to know one another, identify neighbors that may need a little extra help in the event of a disaster and learn skills you can use after a disaster such as locating and shutting off gas valves and other safety tips and ideas to help you prepare.  The program is free to Alameda residents. 


Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training

Still want to do more?  Sign up for CERT training and become an Alameda CERT team member.  The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) course provides training to Alameda residents and employees of Alameda businesses to increase self-sufficiency in a disaster. Participants learn skills that will enable them to provide emergency assistance to their families and neighbors.  Learn to work as a team member, respond to help your neighbors and the community in the event of a large scale emergency or disaster. Be part of the Cities disaster response plan as a member of Alameda CERT.  Sign up for the course here.