Meet the Chiefs




Chief Sprott joined the Alameda Fire Department as a firefighter on April 16, 1991.  He was promoted to Captain on August 1, 1999 and earned the honor of promoting to Chief on January 25, 2015.  Chief Sprott has been an active member in the Fire Department over the years.  He has filled assignments as Training Director and Fire Investigator.  Chief Sprott’s responsibility as the Division Chief is to oversee special operations which include; hazardous materials, technical rescue, and marine operations.  He is also in charge of the Hose and IIPP Programs as well as the facilities manager.


Chief Sprott grew up in Alameda and is a graduate of St. Joseph Notre Dame High School.  He currently resides in Alameda County with his wife Kirsten and daughter Taylor.  He likes spending his time off with his family and friends, attending his daughter’s basketball games and enjoying time with his son Nick.



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