Medical Services

The Alameda Fire Department has been in the ambulance transport business since the late 1970's. This service commenced with a single ambulance staffed by two Firefighters/ Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) who provided emergency transports within the city of Alameda. Since that time, the transport service has grown with the needs of the community to three full-time, Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances.


Currently, all engine companies and ambulances are staffed with at least one paramedic each, providing quick ALS service to all parts of the city.


The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division provides quality assurance and quality control for emergency medical first responder and ambulance transport services.  This includes training, licensing and certification of emergency medical technicians and paramedics. Personnel follow guidelines developed by Alameda County Emergency Medical Services for the delivery of emergency medical and transport services, including specialized treatment and transport to definitive care. Personnel also provide community services including, but not limited to, blood pressure testing and CPR/AED instruction.


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