Hazardous Material Storage

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In accordance with the 2013 California Fire Code, Chapter 27, a fire permit from the Permit Center, Fire Prevention, is required when storing hazardous material and must be renewed and inspected annually. At the time of permit application, a Hazardous Material Maintenance Plan (HMMP), which includes a site plan and facility map, must be submitted for review and approval. These forms are different from the business plan supplied to County Health Department and are used for the purpose of fire safety maintenance. Only the site plan and/or facility map submitted to the county can be used with the HMMP.


When applying for a Hazardous Material Storage permit, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete a Fire Permit application
  2. Complete a Hazardous Material Maintenance Plan (HMMP)
  3. Submit application, the fee, and the HMMP to the Permit Center

Fire Prevention will then:

  1. Process your application and package
  2. Review the completed package
  3. Contact applicant to schedule a site inspection
  4. Sign job card and final pending approval of inspection and package

To help Alternate text determine if your business requires a fire permit for hazardous material, please refer to your Material Supply Data Sheet (MSDS).  The 2010 California Fire Code lists definitions and examples that will help in the determination process and provide you with information useful to the fire safety of your business.  Along with the Fire Permit application the HMMP form will have to be completed before submission to the Permit Center.  Click here for fees.