When a senior citizen falls why does a fire truck show up with the ambulance?

A fall for a senior citizen is often a very frightening and sometimes life altering incident. One of the major causes of traumatic injuries to seniors is from falling down. We take these types of emergency responses very seriously because of our experience.


The Alameda Fire Department is required to comply with the Alameda County Emergency Medical Services protocols call for medical emergencies. These protocols require a fire engine or truck with at least one paramedic to be on scene at all emergency medical calls. They also require a transport provider (ambulance) to respond with at least one paramedic to all emergency medical calls.


In Alameda the Fire Department provides ambulance first responder (fire engine or truck) and transport provider (ambulance) services. In other parts of the County a private ambulance company provides the transport services. So, for example, if you are involved in a medical emergency in Hayward, a Hayward Fire Engine and a Paramedics Plus ambulance will show up.