City Helps Residents Who Want Work at Target


The City and the Housing Authority hosted a very successful training session intended to prepare citizens to apply for jobs at the new Target store opening at Alameda Landing in October. The room at the old Officer’s Club was packed, with more than 150 people, as representatives from the chain took the stage at 10 am last Saturday.


After Target’s presentation, an experienced retail executive guided attendees through the application process, discussing everything from online assessments and resumes to group interview tactics and appropriate hand shakes. The presentation included a detailed Retail Job Packet with interactive exercises to help prospective applicants navigate the process from start to finish. After the event concluded each participant was presented with a Certificate of Completion to include in their application packet.


The new Target store is expecting to hire around 300 people at mass hiring events on August 8, 9, and 10 of this year. Make sure to get interviewed by filling out an online application before attending the hiring events. To learn about more events like this, make sure to follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook, and check the City website regularly.