Minor Projects

Information on this page is intended to provide greater public outreach to neighboring residents and are intended to be used for review purposes only. Note: It may take up to seven (7) days for the project plans to be uploaded to the City's website. Prior to this, plans may be reviewed at the City of Alameda Permit Center. For questions, please call 510-747-6805.


In order to provide better service to the community, we encourage greater use of the Building Eye website. Building Eye will give you a map view of all recent Planning applications, project status in real time, and quicker access to project plans. 


To access project information, including plans where appropriate, please follow the steps below to access our permit database.

1. Go to: https://alameda.buildingeye.com/planning

2. Enter project address in search box.

3. Click on the map marker (i.e. dot) and a sidebar on the right hand side will open that lists projects for the address. Here is where you will find a basic project summary. If no symbol shows on the map, there is no active project associated with the address.

4. Project Plans (and other documents): To view the project's plans, scroll to and select the “More details” button listed for the respective project in the sidebar.

5. In the new window that opens, click on the “Record Info” tab and select “Project Documents.” A list of available documents will be shown.


Projects considered by the Zoning Administrator

Zoning Administrator hearings are held as needed. Check the calendar for current meetings. Please note that you must choose the appropriate time frames and boards/commissions from the drop-down menus.


Pending and Recently Approved Design Review Applications

The following planning applications were recently received by the City Planner. Actions by the City Planner may be appealed within 10 days of the decision date or Called for Review by the Planning Board.


PLN16-0336 3236 Garfield Avenue (Action Date 8-22-16)

This project involves expansion of the rear deck, installation of a new rear awning, relocation and replacement of rear door, and new and replacement windows throughout this two-story, single-family dwelling. Windows will be in character with the building style and existing trim will remain. Interior remodeling is proposed, but will result in no expansion of floor area or building height. This project is located in the R-1 One Family Residential zone.

3236 Garfield Avenue Notice
3236 Garfield Avenue Plans

3236 Garfield Avenue Approval


PLN16-0367 2837 Madison Street (Action Date 8-22-16)

This project consists of adding a new second story rear deck with privacy curtains of approximately 168-square-feet to an existing single family dwelling. The existing exterior rear stairs will be removed and reconfigured to accommodate the new deck. A pair of French doors will be added to the second floor rear elevation to allow access to the deck. Another pair of French doors will be added to the first floor rear elevation. The project will convert the attic to habitable space to add 314 square feet of new floor area. The project also involves replacing false windows and wood paneling with fixed windows. The project is located within the R-1 (One-Family Residence) zoning district.

2837 Madison Street Notice
2837 Madison Street Plans

2837 Madison Avenue Approval


PLN16-0396 1086 Post Street (Action Date 8-22-16)

The project consists of the resizing of two second floor windows located on the South elevation.  In a second floor bedroom a 35”x52” wood window will be replaced with a 42”x24” aluminum clad wood interior window, the proposed window will provide the minimum required emergency egress. In a second floor bathroom an existing 26”x39” wood window will be replaced with a 52”x12” aluminum clad wood interior window.  The property is located within the R-1 (One-Family Residence) Zoning Disitrct.

1086 Post Street Notice

1086 Post Street Plans

1086 Post Street Approval