Public Art Commission

Background and Purpose

The Public Art Commission (PAC) was created to enrich quality of life through the provision of public art.   The primary role of the PAC is to review proposals for public art that are required of private and municipal development projects with construction costs exceeding $250,000 in value.   Projects that have a public art obligation may satisfy the requirement through: 1) acquisition and installation of public art on the project site, which requires review and approval by the PAC, or 2) payment of an in-lieu contribution into the Alameda Public Art Fund.  Since the Public Art program's inception in 2003, the majority of development projects have satisfied the requirement through installation of on-site public art.


Regular Meeting Schedule

The PAC meets on an as-needed basis, and meetings are typically scheduled on the 4th Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. in room 360.  Special meetings may take place in the Council Chambers outside of this schedule.  Please refer to the Agendas page (button below) to see if meetings are scheduled and for the meeting agendas. 


The need for PAC meetings is primarily driven by development projects that have a public art obligation.  As  eligible development projects proceed through the City's approval process,  the project proponents would present a public art proposal before the PAC for review and approval.  This step usually takes place after a project receives Planning and Zoning approvals but prior to issuance of building permits for project construction. 


How to Become a Commissioner
To apply, download and complete an application form and submit it to the City Clerk's office.   Applicants are only notified if they are appointed to serve on the Commission.



To forward information to Commissioners, please email or contact: Allen Tai, Planning Services Manager,, (510) 747-6800.


MembersFirst AppointmentCurrent Term Expires
Adam Gillitt07/01/201606/30/2020
Sommer Carter05/19/201506/30/2017
Brandy Graham05/19/201506/30/2019
Daniel Hoy06/19/201206/30/2019
Sherman Lewis10/16/201206/30/2020