Alameda Point Collaborative to Establish Medical Respite & Wellness Center on Federal Surplus Property




February 5, 2018




Sarah Henry, Public Information Officer

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Alameda Point Collaborative to Establish Medical Respite & Wellness Center on Federal Surplus Property


This week, the Alameda Point Collaborative (APC) announced it has received conditional approval from the federal government for a no-fee conveyance to APC of 3.65-acres of surplus federal property on McKay Avenue, next to Crab Cove. APC is receiving the title to this surplus federal property to establish the Medical Respite & Wellness Center as a homeless accommodation project.


With the conveyance of this property, APC proposes to rehab existing facilities to create a multi-modal wellness center that will primarily serve adults experiencing homelessness, with a priority of serving seniors, persons with complex medical and persistent mental health conditions, high users of the health care system, and other vulnerable populations. 


In addition, a resource center located at the facility will serve Alamedans who are on the brink of homelessness or have recently became homeless, with the goal of helping them quickly navigate back into a stable living situation.


It is envisioned that it will take 3-5 years and cost $35-40 million to rehab and develop the site, with funding coming from a variety of Federal and State funds dedicated for medical and housing services for the homeless.


According to APC Executive Director Doug Biggs, “The federal homeless accommodation process is a valuable tool for identifying and preserving land and property for serving the homeless, but it doesn’t replace or override the need for community support of a project like this. We are absolutely committed to creating a project that enhances the appeal of the neighborhood, serves critical needs of people who can’t care for themselves, and most importantly, contributes significantly to reducing homelessness in Alameda.” 


The Alameda Point Collaborative, located at the former Naval Air Station, is the largest supportive housing provider for homeless families in Alameda County. APC offers a wide range of services to give residents the tools they need to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty.


In the coming months, APC will convene multiple meetings and tours to familiarize the community with the project, and will establish an advisory group of community stakeholders to help guide the project forward. Once further along, there will be public hearings regarding zoning and design. “The dedication to our community by the Alameda Point Collaborative in partnering to proactively address the homeless issue is going to transform the City’s approach to providing services to our most vulnerable. Now it is critical to get the involvement of all stakeholders – residents, consumers, and service providers, so that we can work together to create an innovative, safe, and thriving center,” stated City Manager Jill Keimach.