Alamedans Getting Better Access to City Services through Alameda SeeClickFix


March 8, 2017



Liam Garland, Acting Public Works Director

(510) 747-7962


Alamedans Getting Better Access to City Services through Alameda SeeClickFix


Alameda SeeClickFix, a service that makes it easier for Alameda residents to report quality-of-life issues and request City services, was widely used last year. Alamedans submitted 8,777 requests in 2016, and a recent survey shows most users were satisfied with the service.


By using SeeClickFix, residents can report potholes, damaged sidewalks, graffiti, illegal dumping, malfunctioning traffic signals, and other issues directly to the City through an app on their phone or on their computer.


•  Report issues online here:

•  Submit a request on the City of Alameda’s website here:


New users will be prompted to set up a free account. Users can also download the mobile app for Alameda SeeClickFix:


•  iPhone IOS app at the AppStore

•  Android devices at Google Play


How it Works

SeeClickFix allows residents to photograph and report neighborhood concerns. The system is designed to efficiently get requests from the public to front line staff. This new system gives people on both sides of the request an easier way to track its progress.


Submitting an issue only requires a location and description. Providing photographs is optional, although photographs help workers in the field respond to the request. Once submitted, the person who made the report will receive an alert when the issue is addressed by the City. The City of Alameda will acknowledge the service request, route it to the proper department, and update the request until it is resolved.


Residents who sign up to receive notifications about issues reported in their community will also be alerted when a report is added. Residents are also able to vote on SeeClickFix requests, giving the City of Alameda the ability to prioritize problems such as potholes and sidewalk cracks for repair.


The app and the website are easy to use, and reporting an issue should only take a few minutes.


Survey Results

A recent survey of Alameda SeeClickFix users found that 82% would recommend the service to a friend (44% very likely to recommend, 37% likely, and 13% not likely). When asked how satisfied users were with the City’s response to service requests, 62% were satisfied (31% very satisfied, 31% satisfied).


The most common issue reported through Alameda SeeClickFix was graffiti on public property, followed by requests to abate illegal dumping, trim street trees, and repair streets, sidewalks, and streetlights. While Alamedans can submit requests for a variety of City services handled by different departments, three quarters of the requests are handled by the Public Works Department, which led the system’s rollout in 2015.


Jill Keimach, City Manager, praised Alamedans for their use of this service. “This is another sign of how important it is for Alameda residents and their city government to partner in solving quality of life issues throughout the community. As we continue to refine this service, we hope more Alamedans will use this reporting tool.”


Issues can still be reported with a phone call to (510) 747-7900 (for Public Works items) or (510) 747-6800 (for non-Public Works items). Phone requests are entered by a staff member into SeeClickFix. By going directly to the app or online, however, residents can get service requests into the hands of City staff to fix the problem quicker.


The Public Works Department is encouraging Alamedans who phone in their neighborhood concerns to give the online service a try. Acting Public Works Director Liam Garland said, “The more Alamedans submit requests online or with their smart phone, the quicker we can deploy resources in the field.”




Bill Shipman from Public Works abating graffiti.