Hands Across Alameda President’s Day: Monday, February 20, 3 PM

Press Release

February 13, 2017




Sarah Henry, Public Information Officer

(510) 747-4714



Hands Across Alameda

President’s Day: Monday, February 20, 3 PM


Alamedans are set to continue a tradition of inclusiveness as they cross the partisan divide by crossing hands together. Organized over social media and promoted by the City, this Monday, February 20, residents of Alameda and surrounding cities will meet along the Alameda beach to create a human chain.


“This is not a fundraiser,” remarked community organizer John-Michael Kyono. “It is simply a gesture of support and unity for all residents in Alameda and beyond.” 



Residents should gather along the shoreline in an effort to have the chain stretch as far and wide as possible. There will be four main meet-up locations:

  1. Crown Memorial Beach
  2. Grand Street & Shoreline Drive
  3. Park Street at Shoreline
  4. Bay Trail in front of Harbor Bay Club



Monday, February 20 (President’s Day) at 3 PM



If you have any questions, please contact:


John-Michael Kyono, Alameda Peeps Moderator

Email: Jmkyono@alamedavictorians.com


Sarah Henry, Alameda Public Information Officer

Email: shenry@alamedaca.gov

Phone: 510-747-4714


“Following on the heels of a community event last month at the Islamic Center and the Women’s March in Oakland and San Francisco, Alamedans are seeking ways to support each other and share their love of our island. I can’t think of a better way to say Everyone Belongs Here than to join hands,” stated City Manager Jill Keimach.