Councilmember Tony Daysog

Councilmember Tony Daysog


Tony Daysog, 49, grew up in the City of Alameda, in the part of town called the "West End," in a neighborhood right next to the now closed military base.   Daysog attended West End schools (Paden Elementary, Chipman Middle, and Encinal High), having even served as Senior Class and School President of Encinal High School.  His late father, Ricardo, was from the town of Ormuc in the Visayan Province.  His Japanese mother is from a hamlet called Kawa-hira in the southern island of Kyushu.  Daysog was born in Hawaii in 1966.


Daysog became the first American of Filipino or Japanese descent to serve on Alameda's City Council, and served for ten years between 1996 and 2006, prior to returning to Council in 2012.


Prior to serving on Council, Mr. Daysog served for two years on the Alameda Re-use and Redevelopment Authority, as alternate for former Vice Mayor Anthony "Lil" Arnerich.  He also served for two years on Alameda's Economic Development Commission.  He also served on the City of Alameda's Fiscal Sustainability Committee (2008-2009), as well as Caltran's District 4 Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee.  


Among many issues facing local residents, the Councilman is focusing on transit and traffic-related matters, sponsoring an effort to plan Alameda's transit services from new development in a coordinated and comprehensive manner.  He's also focused on economic development, particularly looking at ways to leverage local assets in an effort to improve the city's ability to attract visitors, including business travelers, persons from outside visiting family and friends in Alameda, and tourists. Mr. Daysog holds regular in-person office hours at local coffee shops and the Alameda Farmers' Market.


Tony Daysog has a Master's degree in City and Regional Planning from UC Berkeley, where he also earned his Bachelor's degree in US History.  He is senior associate with an economic development consulting company in Walnut Creek called Applied Development Economics.  His website is , and his twitter URL is .