About Us

The City Attorney is the primary legal counsel for the City Council, Boards and Commissions, City Manager, City officers, employees, and departments, including Alameda Municipal Power (AMP).


The City Attorney provides legal representation and advises City officials on all legal matters involving the City including land use, personnel, contracts, real property transactions, elections and community development. The City Attorney represents the City in state and federal court and oversees outside counsel handling matters on behalf of the City. Additionally, the City Attorney's Office oversees the Risk Management Division of the City.



The City Attorney’s Office does not provide legal advice to private citizens, nor does it handle criminal matters.  Please refer to Resources for a list of resources for private legal assistance.


Janet C. Kern is the City Attorney. Other City Attorney Office staff are: Senior Assistant City Attorney Farimah Brown, Assistant City Attorney Alan Cohen, Assistant City Attorney Andrico Penick, and City Risk Manager Lucretia Akil.