First Came Law, Now Comes Change: Smokefree Public Awareness Campaign

Last year, the Alameda City Council passed a comprehensive ordinance that prohibits smoking in places of employment, outdoor public places, and in multi-unit housing. The law means to protect residents and visitors—especially vulnerable are children, pregnant women, older adults, and people with chronic health conditions—from the 7,000 toxins contained in the smoke. While the law has gone a long way towards reducing secondhand smoke throughout the City, smoking is still occurring in some places, including our busiest commercial districts and shopping malls.

On Saturday, November 17, 2012, a group of Alameda volunteers will celebrate the Great American Smoke-Out and help spread the word about Alameda's No-Smoking ordinance, by passing out no-smoking information to Park Street shoppers and merchants. The volunteers will place vinyl no-smoking stickers in pre-approved areas within the public right-of-way and offer free no-smoking window signs to merchants. Volunteers will also have information on the City's secondhand smoke ordinance (AMC 24-11), and where people can obtain help to quit smoking.

“The City of Alameda City deeply appreciates the help of volunteers and others committed to spreading the word about the need to reduce secondhand smoke in our public spaces. Thank you for helping to make this change happen,” said Mayor Marie Gilmore.  

If you wish to volunteer with this important effort or future events planned for other areas of the City, please contact Serena Chen with the American Lung Association at