City Approves Plan for Waterfront Town Center


The City of Alameda is one step closer to creating a transit-oriented community with extensive public waterfront parks and promenades at Alameda Point.  In July, the City Council approved the Waterfront Town Center Plan for Alameda Point (the Plan), representing the final major planning document necessary for development of the waterfront lands centered around the Seaplane Lagoon.



“One of the Plan’s primary goals is to create a vibrant and active public waterfront with an extensive system of parks and promenades that will become an amenity at Alameda Point for all Alamedans and visitors to enjoy,” said Mayor Marie Gilmore.  “This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create a new waterfront from the ground up that will rival the quality and excitement of successful waterfronts throughout the country.”



For the past two years, City of Alameda staff and Skidmore Owings and Merrill, with funding from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, have worked on the Plan, to create a transit- and pedestrian-oriented, mixed use transit village. The Plan uses a wide variety of regulations, standards, and guidelines for both public improvements and private investment. There are guidelines for new infill development in portions of the Naval Air Station’s Historic District to be compatible with existing historic resources, such as the large seaplane hangars, by carefully regulating the height and massing of new buildings.


The Waterfront Town Center Plan was informed by extensive public outreach, including five Planning Board workshops and public hearings before the Historical Advisory Board and the Recreation and Parks Commission, as well as significant contributions and input from the Planning Board's Waterfront Town Center subcommittee. 


 “This Plan does a great job at balancing compatibility and respect for the historic buildings which reflect the legacy of the Navy while providing room for new infill development to help finance infrastructure and support transit,” said City Manager John Russo.


For more information, contact Jennifer Ott at or 510-747-4747.