Animal Services

February 1, 2017 Update:


The City has proposed a way to fully fund FAAS, with substantial increases from one year to the next. FAAS has proposed spending increases that would make Alameda’s shelter one of the most expensive in the Bay Area. In considering this proposed budget increase, the City must also consider other programs and services paid for by our General Fund, for example public safety, resources for the homeless, and maintaining City parks. Please click on the links below for additional information.


Additional details:

With a contract in place that both parties have honored to date, FAAS has asked the City for a new contract.


The City is committed to maintaining a high level of service and high live-release rate for our animals that we all value, and has offered to fund this high level of service. The FAAS Board, however, is requesting the City increase its annual budget from one year to the next by 77%, from just over $1 million in 2015-16 to over $1.8 million in 2016-17.


The FAAS proposed budget:

  • Increases salaries and staff, along with the professional services they contract out for by 102%
  • Reduces the amount FAAS contributes through fundraising by 30%
  • Reduces the amount of fees they collect by 7%
  • Reduces the amount they bring in annually through grants by 77%
  • Reduces in-kind donations by 41%


This would result in an increse in direct funding from the City of 338%.


The City has proposed the following:

  • Increase FAAS’s total budget from just over $1 million in 2015-16 to nearly $1.7 million in 2016-17
  • Increase direct City funding from $328,000 in 2015-16 to $600,000 in 2016-17
  • Take over pet licensing and deliver a guaranteed $150,000 per year to FAAS
  • Provide an additional $50,000 to FAAS if their new hires are residents of the Alameda Point Collaborative
  • Take over and pay for payroll services
  • Provide police officers to assist with staffing needs (officers are on modified-duty because of injury, but are able to assist customers)
  • Provide an additional $100,000 in Animal Control Officer staffing
  • Provide $170,000 in building improvements (this amount is being spent this year on a new roof, kitchen upgrades, and heating system)
  • Continue to provide the shelter facility at no cost


With these additional resources, the City hopes that FAAS can continue to bring in fundraising for extraordinary medical care and in-kind support at existing levels and continue its important mission.


Link to 3rd Party Budget Review (including the FAAS proposed budget) Updated February 8


Link to City’s proposal


Link to budget comparison of Bay Area Shelters




Effective January 1, 2012, the City of Alameda entered into an agreement for the Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter, (FAAS), to take over Animal Shelter Services.  The City will still be responsible for field operations and utilize Animal Control Assistants for enforcement and citations. The mission of the FAAS is to keep Alameda a safe, clean environment for you and your pet, provide excellent care for the animals at our shelter, and re-home adoptable and domestic animals directly, or through rescue organizations.  Check out the Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter website.


The Animal Shelter is located at:

1590 Fortmann Way

Alameda, CA 94501



Shelter Hours are:

Wednesday 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Thursday - Sunday 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Closed Mondays, Tuesdays, and major holidays


After hours animal control services  510-337-8340 (Police Department non-emergency dispatch)