Kidz Love Soccer


Kidz Love Soccer

Since 1979, Kidz Love Soccer has been dedicated to teaching children the world’s most popular sport within a nurturing, recreational environment. A typical session experience includes age appropriate activities: skill demonstrations, fun games, and instructional scrimmages. Young soccer enthusiasts experience soccer fun in a safe, non-competitive environment. Please bring shin guards and a water bottle, (shin guards not required for Mommy/Daddy & Me Soccer) All participants receive a free KLS jersey. KLS class status hotline (888) 372-5803          



Session 2       April 15-June 3                  

Soccer 1 (5-6yrs)                                          3:45-4:30pm          #15054

Soccer Skillz & Scrimmages (7-10yrs)        4:30-5:15pm          #15055

Tot/Pre-Soccer (3.5-5yrs)                             5:15-5:50pm          #15053

Mommy/Daddy & Me Soccer (2-3.5yrs)        6:00-6:30pm          #15064


Location:       Wednesdays Lower Washington



Session 2 April 18- June 13

Tot-Soccer (3.5-4yrs)                                 9:15-9:45am             #15056

Pre-Soccer (4-5yrs)                                   9:45-10:20am           #15057

Soccer 1 (5-6yrs)                                      10:20-11:05am          #15058

Soccer Skillz & Scrimmages (7-10yrs)    11:05–11:50am         #15059

Mommy/Daddy & Me Soccer (2-3.5yrs)   12:00-12:30pm          #15060


Location:       Saturdays Upper Washington Park