Public Works Key Documents

Franchise Agreement between City of Alameda and Alameda County Industries (ACI)

Table of Contents and Listing of Exhibits

Article 1 to 4.2

Article 4.2 to 4.10.2

Article 4.10.2 to 5.14

Article 6 to 8.10B

Article 8.10C - 13

Exhibits A to G

Exhibits H to M

Exhibit N

Exhibit O and Certificates of Insurance

Ltr of Agreement and Amendments 2003 - 2004

Dec 2004 Amendment

Exhibit J to Dec 2004 Amendment

April 2009 Amendment



Bicycle Facility Design Standards (2013)

Caltrans Highway Design Manual

Caltrans Standard Plans

California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices



Bay Friendly Landscape Guidelines

Guidelines for Multiway STOP Sign Installation on Neighborhood Streets (2010)

Guidelines for White Crosswalk Installation at Uncontrolled Intersections on City Streets (2008)

Guidelines for Pedestrian Paddle Installation on City Streets (2010)

Pedestrian Design Guidelines (2011)

Community Development Department Guidelines



City of Alameda Bike Master Plan Update (2010)

City of Alameda Pedestrian Plan (2009)

City of Alameda Master Tree Plan (2010) - Volume 1

City of Alameda Master Tree Plan (2010) - Volume 2

City of Alameda Zero Waste Implementation Plan (2010)

City of Alameda Transportation Element of the General Plan (2009)

Alameda Community-Based Transportation Plan (2008)

Cross Alameda Trail Feasibility Study (2005)

Estuary Crossing Study - Final Feasibility Study Report (2009)

Implementation List for Competitive Grants and Regional Funding (2013)

Consideration List for Competitive Grants and Regional Funding (2013)

Local Action Plan for Climate Protection (2008)

Alameda Point Plans

Community Development Department Plans

Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) - August 2014

Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) Appendices - August 2014



Complete Streets Resolution and Policy (2013)

Policy for Installation of "No Parking" Street Sweeping Signs (2008)

Policy for Residential Disabled Parking Zones (2012)

Tree Removal Policy

Truck Route Map (2009)