Public Works

Public Works stewards Alameda’s public infrastructure, including assessment districts; integrated waste; streets; sewers; storm drains; sidewalks; street trees; traffic striping, signals, and systems; urban forest; and public facilities and fleet.


To provide this stewardship, the department has three divisions. The Maintenance Division is responsible for the day-to-day operations, maintenance, and repair of the public infrastructure. For example, this division is responsible for street tree trimming, responding to sewer backups, and repair of potholes, among much more.


The Engineering division designs and oversees the construction of significant replacements or upgrades to the public infrastructure. Its workplan is derived primarily from the City’s biennially-approved capital improvement program. Examples include the annual street resurfacing and sidewalk repair programs.


The Administration division provides overall management, supervision, and administrative support for the department. It includes an environmental services unit that administers the City’s integrated waste franchise (a $17 million yearly contract) and clean water program, and a budget and analysis unit that administers our assessment districts and handles budget controls and development.



Steward the City’s public infrastructure and environment in a manner that contributes to Alameda’s livability and sustainability.



Alameda is the best performing, most talented, and efficient Public Works department in the Bay Area.



“Together, we go further”

Collaboration and cooperation among our staff and with other departments helps us have more fun, create better ideas, and serve more Alamedans. Involvement of key partners and stakeholders helps us correct flaws in our work, improve our service, and promote transparency.



We believe the safety of the public, and our staff, is paramount.



We are honest and ethical with each other and the public.



We exist to serve the public and one another. Excellent service is responsive, transparent, efficient, and results-oriented.


Innovation and growth

Solutions to the adversity we experience will come through empowering staff to thinking differently and constantly grow.


Standards of Professional Conduct

As members of the American Public Works Association, ever one of our staff is dedicated and committed to maintaining the following standards of professional conduct:

  • I will keep the public trust and will not take personal advantage of privileged information or relationships.
  • I will put public interest above individual, group or societal interest and consider my chosen occupation as an opportunity to serve society.
  • I will encourage sustainability through wise use of resources; whether they are natural resources, financial resources or human resources.
  • I will consider public health and safety in every aspect of my work.
  • I will conduct myself with personal integrity in a manner that enhances and honors the reputation of the profession, my employer, my community and the Association.
  • I will ensure that the work for which I am responsible complies with all legal requirements of the local, state, province, or federal governments.
  • I will strive to plan, design, build, maintain and operate public infrastructure in a manner that respects the environment and the ability of government to adequately preserve these assets for succeeding generations