Special Investigations Unit

Consisting of one sergeant and two officers with a collection of specialized and unconventional equipment, Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is the enforcement arm of the APD Investigations Division. With a schedule that adjusts to the needs of the division, SIU assists the Violent Crimes and Property Crimes Units with operational planning, background, surveillance, collecting intelligence, and apprehension of subjects wanted by those units. Often the unit is tasked with preparing and executing search and arrest warrants on targeted locations and suspects, and assisting with interviews and follow up investigations. Fugitive apprehension, prostitution stings, and human trafficking cases are also common.

SIU is responsible for monitoring the activities of: sex and arson registrants, parolees and probationers within the City of Alameda, and maintaining relative records. If you need to register, please contact Officer Kevin Horikoshi for an appointment at (510)-337-8338 or khorikoshi@alamedaca.gov.


Sex registrants are monitored, as well as, dance and massage permits are routed through SIU for review and approval. If you need to register or file for one of these permits, please contact Officer Rob Stofle at (510) 337-8365 or rstofle@alamedaca.gov.

Another function of the Special Investigations Unit is to initiate and investigate cases involving narcotic activities that affect Alameda. SIU coordinates and participates with local, federal, state, county and city agencies in joint operations and is often used by them for surveillance. The Special Investigations Unit works to identify and arrest people who use, sell, and manufacture illegal narcotics as well as other criminal activity. Anonymous tips about drug usage in your neighborhood can be called in at TEL-A-COP (510-337-8450).


Sgt. Dave Pascoe supervises the Special Investigations Unit and can be reached at (510) 337-8374 or dpascoe@alamedaca.gov.