Sector Two

Sector 2-


Sector 2 is led by Lieutenant Anthony Munoz who looks forward to working with residents, business owners, visitors, and other City Departments to make Alameda a safe and enjoyable place for us to enjoy.  Lieutenant Munoz believes the best way to address community issues is to take a collaborative approach, and attack problems from multiple angles – not just enforcement.


Sector 2 is situated in the middle of the main Island of Alameda, from Willow Street to Eighth Street, and from Shoreline Drive to the Oakland/Alameda Estuary.


If your neighborhood is interested in organizing a neighborhood watch, you can contact the COPPS Unit at (510) 337-8305.  They can assist you with training a block captain (or captains), give you helpful tips on crime prevention through a CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) evaluation, provide you crime information/stats for your community, and get you on the schedule for National Night Out in August 2016.  A number of valuable resources can also be found on the Community Services/Assistance webpage.


Lieutenant Munoz is the Watch Commander for Patrol Team A and oversees the Canine Unit,  the Field Training Program, the Traffic Section, the Community Housing Action Taskforce, (CHAT), and the Homeless Liason Program.  His office hours are Tuesday through Friday, from 07:00 am to 4:30 pm.  He can be reached at (510) 337-8498 or email: