Sector One

Sector 1-  West End

Sector 1 is led by Lieutenant Ron Simmons.  Lieutenant Simmons has a long time relationship with many of the business owners, employees, and residents in this area.  Lieutenant Simmons promotes communication and active community partnerships between all the residents and businesses as they work together with the police department in making West Alameda a safe and incredible place to live, shop, and work.   


Sector 1 covers West Alameda, also known as the "West End," from Main Street to Westline Drive/Eighth Street/Mariner Square Drive. It comprises 48 reporting districts and five community policing beats.  The West End encompasses a diverse community including neighborhoods, the Webster Street Business District, two of the three public high schools in Alameda- (Island and Encinal High Schools), and the future Alameda Landing development which will include anchor stores like Target, Michael's, and Safeway, and a Chase Bank.


If your neighborhood is interested in organizing a neighborhood watch, you can contact the COPPS Unit at (510) 337-8305.  They can assist you with training a block captain (or captains), give you helpful tips on crime prevention through a CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) evaluation, provide you crime information/stats for your community, and get you on the schedule for National Night Out in August 2015.  A number of valuable resources can also be found on the Community Services/Assistance webpage.


Lieutenant Simmons commands Patrol Team A, the Field Training Program,  the Traffic Unit, and the Marine Patrol.  His office hours are Monday through Thursday, from 6:00am to 4:00 pm.  He can be reached at (510) 337-8367 or email: