Sector Five

Sector 5- Alameda Point

Sector 5 is led by Lieutenant Matt McMullen who believes "The men and women of the Alameda Police Department are some of the most dedicated and service orientated law enforcement professionals in the bay area."


Sector 5 covers the former Naval Air Station which closed on April 25, 1997, and is now known as “Alameda Point.”   Alameda Point consists of property west of Main Street.  It comprises 10 reporting districts and one community policing beat.  Since 2000, the City of Alameda has been planning the redevelopment of Alameda Point.  The area is home to a variety of business, including the Rock Wall Wine Company, Hangar 1, and the Bladium Sports & Fitness Club.  It is also home to the Alameda Point Collaborative, the USS Hornet Museum, and the endangered California Least Tern. 


If your neighborhood is interested in organizing a neighborhood watch, you can contact the COPPS Unit at (510) 337-8305.  They can assist you with training a block captain (or captains), give you helpful tips on crime prevention through a CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) evaluation, provide you crime information/stats for your community, and get you on the schedule for National Night Out in August 2016.  A number of valuable resources can also be found on the Community Services/Assistance webpage.


Lieutenant McMullen is responsible for Patrol Team C and the Marine Patrol.  Lieutenant McMullen's office hours are Saturday through Tuesday from 1:00 pm to 10:30 pm.  He can be reached at (510) 337-8382 or email: