School Resource Officers

The Alameda Police Department partners with the Alameda Unified School District by providing police services to both Encinal High and Alameda High Schools. Each high school has one School Resource Officer- (SRO), on campus during school hours and these two SRO's liason with the entire school district.  From organizing dances, sports games, special events, graduations, and most importantly, the Alameda High/Encinal High annual football game, both officers stay busy managing the safety and security of the student population.  


In addition, the Alameda Police Department has additional patrol resources that are assigned to each middle and elementary schools during drop off/pick up times when the most traffic is present.  Each officer, calls permitting, monitors the comings and goings of each student in the schools within their assigned sectors.  The Alameda Police Department also managers the Crossing Guards and has an additional officer who is in charge of the SAFE SCHOOLS program.  The Safe School program ensures in the case of a critical incident during school hours, the campus is locked down and each school employee follows specific protocols to ensure the safety of each child.  Annual training is provided by the Alameda Police Department and practical scenarios are coordinated every few years which include volunteer students to act as role players.


The Alameda Police Department realizes the importance of staying connected with community through its children and ensures Alameda's future is protected.


To contact Alameda High's SRO, please contact Officer Emilia Mrak at (510) 337-8366 or


To contact Encinal High's SRO, please contact Officer Cameron Miele #57 at (510) 337-8360 or


Any questions about SAFE SCHOOLS, please contact Officer Hank Morten #51 at (510) 337-8351 or