Property Crimes Unit

The Alameda Police Department’s Property Crimes Unit is part of the Department’s Investigations Division. It is a four-person unit consisting of a Sergeant and three Officers. The Unit handles a wide range of criminal investigations involving property, such as burglary, grand theft, auto theft, arson, fraud, and high tech computer crimes.

When a property-related crime occurs, a patrol officer will come to your house or place of business and take an initial police report (such as a burglary report). The report is then forwarded to the Property Crimes Unit for all follow-up investigation of these crimes, which are considered felonies.


Cases are assigned to individual officers to determine if there is sufficient evidence to lead to arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment of a suspect. The Property Crimes Unit also performs tactical analysis to identify crime patterns that can help to apprehend suspects and prevent and/or reduce crime. Alameda residents are our best eyes and ears and often help in solving these crimes.


The Property Crimes Section can be reached at (510) 337-8354.

Sgt. Klaus is in charge of this unit and can be reached at (510) 337-8324 or