Inspectional Services/ Internal Affairs

The Inspectional Services Section/Internal Affairs serves as the Alameda Police Department's quality control management process. The Section is staffed by a police sergeant, who objectively reviews the Department's operations, policies, practices and units for efficiency, effectiveness and regulatory compliance.

The Sergeant in the Inspectional Services Section is responsible for conducting Staff inspections to identify opportunities for improvement in various operations and functions within the Department. Evaluation of unit policies and procedures is conducted to ensure quality job performance and maintenance of professional standards.

One of the ways job performance is evaluated is by Citizen Surveys that are mailed to citizens who have been victimized by crime or had other reason to contact members of the Department. The survey addresses the job effectiveness from the complaint taker, or Dispatcher, to the performance of the investigating Patrol Officer, to the follow-up investigation of the Investigations Division. The Department regularly receives overall excellent evaluations from the community.

The Alameda Police Department investigates all complaints of misconduct or alleged misconduct of its members as required by law. A complaint can be received at any time at the Department. The complainant will first be referred to the employees' immediate supervisor. If the immediate supervisor in not available, the Duty Sergeant or Watch Commander will receive the complaint.

The Inspectional Services Section investigates specified complaints concerning alleged criminal misconduct, civil rights violations or discrimination, excessive force and complaints affecting the integrity of the Department and its members.

Upon completion of the investigation, it is reviewed by the Chief of Police for final disposition and discipline if the complaint is sustained.The complainant will be notified as to the outcome and finding of the investigation.

The Sergeant in the Inspectional Services Section can be contacted at (510) 337-8479.

Citizen Complaint brochure

Personnel Complaint Policy 1020


If you would like to file a complaint, please click the link below and print out the form.  Fill in the form and come in person to APD. Contact any on duty supervisor and turn it into that supervisor.

APD complaint form