File an Online Police Report

Many non-emergency crimes can be reported online.  Reporting crimes online is more efficient, saves department resources, and allows you to avoid waiting for an officer to take the report. To see if a crime qualifies, please review the checklist below:

1. The crime is NOT an emergency. Call 911 or (510) 337-8340  IF THIS IS AN EMERGENCY.

2. The crime occurred either on the island of Alameda or Bay Farm Island. The Alameda Police Department cannot accept online reports for crimes that did not happen within the city limits. For crimes outside of the city of Alameda, contact the correct police agency.

3. The crime is one of the following:

  •      -Harassing phone calls
  •      -Identity theft
  •      -Lost, stolen, or vandalized property (this does not include hit/run collisions)
  •      -Theft of property from inside unlocked vehicle (Theft from Vehicle)
  •      -Theft of property from inside locked vehicle (Vehicle Burglary)

4. There are NO SUSPECTS OR EVIDENCE (such as VIDEOS or WITNESSES). Crimes with possible suspect(s) or evidence must be reported to an officer. Call 510-337-8340 for assistance. Online reports are for documentation only, NO INVESTIGATION WILL OCCUR.

5. You have a valid email address. For security purposes, and to prevent fraud, your IP address will be recorded with the report.  

CAUTION: Filing a false police report is a crime.

By clicking the link below, I have read the statements above and my report meets all of these criteria and understand no follow up investigation will occur on my report.



Retrieving or Correcting a Report:

If you have already submitted a report online, CLICK HERE to retrieve an existing report.  YOU WILL NEED YOUR REPORT IDENTIFICATION NUMBER FOR REFERENCE and the identification number you provided when filing the report.  IMPORTANT: If the system requires corrections (change address, time/date, etc.) insure the "POP-UP" filter is turn off in your browser!