Field Training Program

The Field Training Officer Program is designed for newly hired Officers who have complete their training in the basic police academy. It is the policy of the Alameda Police Department that all newly hired officers receive in-house training to insure that they can work unaccompanied in a safe, skillful, efficient and professional manner.

The first week of the program focuses on the refinement of basic skills as learned in the police academy. At the end of the training program, usually 18 weeks, the successful trainee must demonstrate to all of his training officers and supervisors that he has learned enough to perform all duties of an Alameda Police Officer.

The FTO training is comprised of two parts: in-house and field instruction. The in-house portion is an introduction to the objectives and procedures of the program. Rules and regulations, report writing, range procedures, traffic functions and an overview of all departments is standard practice during the first weeks.

Officers are evaluated on their performance on a daily basis. At the end of each successfully completed week, the officer is assessed on performance, improvement and overall conduct. This training is mandatory for all new police officers in order to demonstrate the ability to perform all duties and evaluate the performance, progress and weaknesses of the trainee.

At the completion of the Field Training Program, candidates are reevaluated for specific criteria. They must have learned enough to perform all the duties of an Alameda Police Officer efficiently. If they have not, they are required to remain in the FTO program until such a time that they can.