The Alameda Police Communications Section is commonly referred to as "Dispatch" or "911 Dispatch". Our dispatch center is where all routine and 911 calls (land-based) are received. In addition, cellular phone calls made in our area are now routed directly to dispatch.

We employ 15 full time dispatchers, which allows us to have two to four dispatchers on duty, seven days a week, 24-hours per day.  Our dispatchers are the product of a rigorous pre-employment selection process that evaluates a candidate's people-oriented skills, as well as his or her potential technical ability.  Dispatchers go through an extensive training program which can last up to six months and they must successfully graduate from a 120-hour Dispatch Academy.

Dispatch handles all police-related calls and our computerized telephone system enables us to communicate directly with the hearing or speech impaired. The Communications Section receives approximately 185 calls for police services per day.  We also route approximately 400 calls for Fire services each month to the Alameda County Emergency Communications Center. These include calls requiring fire engines or trucks, as well as ambulance responses.

In addition to dispatching, the Communications Center make entries into state and nationwide computer systems for stolen property, missing persons, runaway juveniles, stolen cars, etc. We also maintain permanent and temporary restraining order files for people who live or work in Alameda.  All of this keeps us pretty busy. If you are interested in a career as a dispatcher contact the City of Alameda Human Resources Department.

911 Do's and Don'ts
How do dispatchers prioritize calls?

The Communications Center can be reached at (510) 337-8340