Animal Control Assistants

Animal Control was established to keep Alameda a safe and clean environment for pets and pet owners. The City has  two Animal Control Assistants who have jurisdiction from Alameda Point to Harbor Bay Parkway and everything in between, including Coast Guard Island.

Animal Control Assistants enforce the laws of the City. They also pick up stray animals, patrol the streets, parks, beaches, and remove animal carcasses. They respond to barking dog complaints, aggressive animals, and bite incidents. They are always ready and willing to offer advice on responsible pet ownership.

Alameda City Ordinances Pet Owners Should Know

License and Vaccination- 7-3.1/7-3.4
All dogs and cats residing in Alameda (4 months or older) must be vaccinated against rabies and licensed by the City of Alameda.

Number of Dogs- 7-3.7
No more than three (3) dogs per household.

Control of Feces-7.3.9b
Animal owners must remove animal feces from public and private property.

Dogs must be leashed and under control in public parks.

Dogs must be kept confined to owner's yard or under control on leash.

No dogs allowed on beach.

Barking Dog-7-3.10
Excessive uncontrolled barking.

Please feel free to call the shelter for further information on additional city ordinances. As time and schedule allows, an Animal Control Officer may also be available for special educational programs.


For more info, please go to the FAAS/Animal Services page