Group U Division 1 Occupancies

California Building Code Section 312.1 states  that Group U Occupancies shall include buildings or structures, or portions thereof including, but not limited to carports, greenhouses, private garages, sheds, and tanks.


Alameda Municipal Code section 30-2 (b) defines Accessory Buildings as follows: “ For properties within a residential zone, or with a residential use, the use of such accessory buildings is restricted to garages, carports, storage sheds, and similar buildings which are found by the Building Official to conform to the “U” (utility) occupancy classification.”


By definition of both the CBC and the AMC, Group U Division 1 Occupancies are utility occupancies not normally occupied by people. Because these structures are normally not occupied by people, as a group these uses constitute a low hazard.


Accordingly, the following restrictions apply to Group U Division 1 Occupancies.

  1.  No insulation may be installed,

  2.  No heating or cooling (including ceiling fans) may be installed,

  3.  Plumbing shall be restricted to the installation of one sink, and one clothes washer hookup. Toilets, bathtubs and showers are prohibited.

  4.  While there is no restriction on the number of electrical outlets or lights that may be installed, all outlets shall have ground fault circuit interrupter protection,

  5.  Floor surfaces shall be of non-combustible materials or asphaltic paving materials,

  6.  Uses shall be restricted to garages, carports, storage sheds and similar uses not normally occupied by people.