About Us

The City maintains two websites that deal with various aspects of housing in Alameda, Alameda Housing and the Alameda Housing Authority. Alameda Housing provides information on housing assistance programs and projects; the Housing Authority seeks ways to expand the availability of affordable housing throughout Alameda. The City has a First Time Homebuyer Program that provides low-interest, deferred second loans to purchase a condominium or single-family home in Alameda. Free First Time Homebuyer Workshops are held in Alameda four times a year and attendance is required to apply for a loan. However, residents may attend any workshop scheduled on the Bay Area Homebuyer Agency’s calendar. Free fair housing and tenant counseling services are provided by ECHO Housing. The City’s Rent Review Advisory Committee provides voluntary tenant/landlord mediation services for rental increases. The City offers several housing rehabilitation programs, with grants and low-interest loans for minor home repairs, improvements to single-family homes, accessibility modifications and renovation of multi-family housing. Grants are also available to off-set the cost of required seismic safety engineering reports for multi-family buildings. More information about these programs is available on the Housing Authority of the City of Alameda’s web site. The City receives an approximately $1.3 million Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) annually from the Federal government to fund public services, ranging from the Alameda Food Bank and Midway Shelter to the Alameda Boys and Girls Club’s West End Teen Center and Women’s Initiative for Self-Employment, housing rehabilitation programs and public works projects. In addition, the Community Improvement Commission maintains a database of affordable housing within the city. As established by California Redevelopment Law, the database is updated annually. Emergency Assistance In October 2009, the City received $500,000 in Federal stimulus funds to implement a Homeless Prevention and Rapid Housing Program over the next three years. This program assists eligible households who are at risk of becoming homeless, or are currently homeless, to obtain housing support services. For more information about this program, please call 211.