School Programs

“Fire Safety Partnership”

A Partnership between Alameda Elementary Schools and the Alameda Fire Department


The City of Alameda Fire Department would like to engage each elementary school in Alameda in a “Fire Safety Partnership”.  We will contact the principal of each school to schedule a visit, ideally in conjunction with the school’s scheduled fire evacuation exercise.  During the visit fire crews will engage both students and faculty in exercises that familiarize everyone with the school’s pre-planned fire evacuation escape procedures and what happens in the event of a fire.


What to expect:

  • Faculty members will have the opportunity to rehearse accountability measures and reporting when evacuating their students in the event of an emergency.
  • School administrators can practice gathering information from their faculty members which is then communicated to the fire crew members in charge of the scene.
  • Fire crews will demonstrate the operation of fire truck/engine and equipment, including the use of protective clothing/equipment, raising and climbing the truck’s aerial ladder, flowing water from hose lines, and preparing for entry into a structure.
  • Fire crews will familiarize themselves with the school’s evacuation procedures, reporting measures, and location of fire safety equipment (fire alarm panels, fire department connection positions, hose boxes, and extinguishers) that are accessible on campus.

 If you have questions about the partnership please contact Alameda Firefighter/Paramedic Patrick Corder at (510) 337-2220.