Emergency Response Plan

Alert and Warning System

The City of Alameda Alert and Warning System is designed to provide a means to notify the community that a severe emergency event has occurred. This network of safety sirens and media links will warn and inform our community of what to do in an emergency or disaster. Reasons for activation could include earthquakes, flooding, major fires, chemical spills or other public safety incidents.  

The Alert and Warning systems is composed of two main systems: the siren alert system and emergency communications. Five siren towers can be activated simultaneously or separately to alert Alameda residents of an emergency taking place in their vicinity. The siren towers are strategically placed to provide complete audible coverage across town. Upon hearing a siren, residents should Shelter-Shut-Listen, then access one of several communication systems for emergency warnings and information. Radio 1280 AM, Alameda Radio, transmits from a base station located at Franklin Park, providing a central point of broadcast. Emergency information will also be presented on Cable Channel 15, Alameda’s government access television station and on the city’s website.

The term, "Shelter-Shut-Listen" refers to taking the following actions: shelter inside your home, workplace or car, shut doors and windows and listen to radio or television emergency broadcasts for information about the event.

Sirens Will Be Tested Periodically
The Sirens will be testing on the first Wednesday of every month at 12 noon; tests will last for approximately 20 seconds. These tests are only to familiarize citizens with the Siren Alerting System and to periodically test the system. No actions need to be taken during monthly testing. Do not call 911 unless there is a life-threatening emergency.